About Terraillon

Designing stylish and functional devices to help you throughout your daily life, Terraillon draw on over 60 years of experience to bring you the most stylish, functional solutions to help you enliven everyday activities. By designing appliances which take advantage of the latest technology, Terraillon's products including kitchen scales and temperature probes, which are easy-to-use and give precise results, whether it's weighing out ingredients for a cake batter or measuring the temperature of your Sunday roast joint of beef.

The perfect partners for your kitchen, their range of products are sure to become favourites whenever you're cooking or baking, and are built to be compact enough to be easy to store when they're not in use, without eating up all of your precious cupboard space. They also include innovative features, such as aquatronic technology which lets you measure wet and dry ingredients in the same bowl, or their add-and-weigh feature for measuring multiple ingredients, which are sure to make your life that little bit easier. Compact, functional and stylish, not to mention ahead of the game with the latest technology, Terraillon's range of products are essentials for any passionate baker of home chef.