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Acknowledged leaders in non-stick cookware and cutting-edge cooking appliances, we’re more than happy to offer Tefal products to our customers.

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Tefal OleoClean Pro Fryer FR804040

Tefal OleoClean Pro Fryer FR804040

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Tefal Kitchen and Home Appliances

Tefal began life in the mid 1950s when its founder, Marc Grégoire coated pans with Teflon. The results were so impressive that just a couple of years later Tefal started to produce its first non-stick range.

Constantly innovating, one of the most popular Tefal items is now the Tefal ActiFry. The ActiFry health fryer range was developed in conjunction with a French university so that Tefal could understand the cooking process and the exact role oil played. As a result of this research they were able to reduce the amount of oil that was required in the fryer so crispy chips could be achieved with just one tablespoon of oil. Tefal are strong believers that cooking should be healthy and this focus is clear in many of their product ranges including Tefal pans, which, due to the non-stick coating require either no, or a limited amount, of oil.

Tefal saucepans and frying pans are now instantly recognisable due to the innovative red spot in the centre. This thermo-spot indicates when your pan has heated up and is ready to cook, after all, you pre-heat an oven so why not a pan! The Tefal Ingenio range combines the above benefits in sets of pans that nest neatly into each other, saving valuable cupboard space without compromising on quality.

From steamers , to kettles and toasters Tefal produce quality items that have all been created with safety and reliability as a key performance indicator. Not just limited to kitchen appliances, Tefal have a fantastic range including steam irons and cordless vacuums so whatever your appliance requirement browse our range of Tefal appliances.