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Acknowledged leaders in non-stick cookware and cutting-edge cooking appliances, we’re more than happy to offer Tefal products to our customers.

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Tefal Cheese Preserver Standard

Tefal Cheese Preserver Standard

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Tefal Cheese Preserver Replacement Filters

Tefal Cheese Preserver Replacement Filters

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Tefal Kitchen and Home Appliances

Tefal began life in the mid-1950s when its founder, Marc Grégoire coated pans with Teflon. The results were so impressive that just a couple of years later Tefal started to produce its first non-stick range.

Tefal saucepans and frying pans are now instantly recognisable due to the innovative red spot in the centre. This thermo-spot indicates when your pan has heated up and is ready to cook, after all, you pre-heat an oven so why not a pan!

Tefal also design brilliantly efficient irons and clothes steamers that keep your clothes looking good as new after every wash. At Lakeland, we even have Tefal Dewrinkling Cabinets that’ll not only make your smart clothes look beautifully pressed, but also remove up to 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and germs.

From pan sets to fryers, irons to multicookers, Tefal produce quality items that have all been created with safety and reliability in mind. So, whatever you’re looking for to make tasks at home that little bit easier, check out the Tefal range at Lakeland.

One-pot cooking magic

Wouldn’t it be great to make healthy, delicious meals for all the family without the mammoth clean-up mission as soon as dinner’s over? Luckily, you can, with a reliable, easy-to-use Tefal multicooker, you can whip up a whole host of recipes to make every mealtime fresh and exciting.

There isn’t much the Tefal Cook4Me+ Multicooker can’t do. There’s 100 built-in recipes that are all accessible on a handy digital screen. So, all you have to do is prep your food, tap the screen and relax as your food cooks to perfection. The bowl has a massive 6-litre capacity, so you can cook for the whole family in a single batch.

It's not a one-trick pony, either. This multicooker is exactly that, and can cook your food in a variety of ways. Pressure cooking, steam cooking, browning, simmering or gentle cooking, the Tefal Cook4Me+ can do it all.

Saucepans that last

Cheap pots and pans aren’t good, and good pots and pans aren’t cheap. Whether you’re moving into your first home or just freshening up your kitchen utensils, it’s worth investing in cooking equipment that’ll stand the test of time. At Lakeland, you’ll find reasonably priced Tefal saucepans that are designed to last for years and years. From sautéing veg to boiling potatoes and whipping up unctuous sauces, a well-made set of pots and pans are an essential in the kitchen, and Tefal’s range are no exception.

Featuring Tefal’s clever red spot heat indicator, you don’t need to stand around ages guessing when your pans are hot enough to get cooking. The indicator will tell you the perfect time to throw your ingredients in and start creating. They’re non-stick too, so the post-meal clean-up is as simple and stress-free as the cooking.

The Jamie Oliver by Tefal 5-Piece Hard Anodised Pan Set is the ultimate kit to get started in the kitchen. Featuring those heat indicators and non-stick interior in every pan, they help nail those timings and they’re built for years of cooking thanks to their anodised aluminium core. Plus, with Lakeland’s three year guarantee, you can get creative in the kitchen with complete peace of mind.

That perfect golden fry

There’s nothing like the satisfying crunch of homemade, home-fried chips, or the intense flavour of deep-fried garlic mushrooms. And with a great Tefal fryer, you can achieve the best results when frying time and again.

The Tefal Oleo Pro Fryer has plenty of space to whip up favourites like onion rings, doughnuts and arancini bites for the whole family. It even has an innovative oil filtration system which drains and filters the oil to be reused later. That means less food waste! It couldn’t be easier to clean either, as all the removable parts can be popped right into the dishwasher. Simple. You’ll find the perfect Tefal fryer for your kitchen setup in the Lakeland fryer range.