About Star Kay White

Exclusive to Lakeland in the UK, Star Kay White was established in downtown New York by David Katzenstein, a German immigrant chemist, in 1890. They specialise in extracts and essences which help you quickly and easily impart a rich flavour on your bakes, homemade ice creams, drinks and marinades. Currently run by the fifth generation of Katzensteins, Star Kay White continue to offer a wide variety of both traditional and more modern food flavours to elevate your cakes and bakes to the next level.

With store cupboard classics such as vanilla, chocolate and peppermint extracts, to more floral varieties such as lavender, rose, and orange blossom, Star Kay White have everything you need to keep close to hand and pep up the flavour of your creations. Whether you're adding some extra peppermint flavour to a homemade ice cream, giving your ginger biscuits a bit of extra heat, or pepping your lemon drizzle up with some extra zingy citrus flavour, these extracts are sure to help your homemade creations linger on the tongue for all the right reasons.

Taking up little cupboard space, but packing a serious punch when it comes to flavour, Star Kay White's range of essences and extracts are a necessity for the cupboard of any passionate cook or baker.