SodaStream Classics Diet Tonic Sparkling Drink Mix 440ml
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SodaStream Classics Diet Tonic Sparkling Drink Mix 440ml

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SodaStream: Get Busy With the fizzy!

Can you believe it, the SodaStream is back and it's better than ever. It's not just a throw-back from the crazy seventies with its flares, punk music and long, hot summers. Originally made to convert water into soda, the new SodaStream models put the bubbles into all your drinks, SodaStream syrups allow you to create lemonade, cola and not forgetting, to give your G&T a bit of fizz. Stylish and sleek, a Soda Stream takes pride of place on home bars and in drinks cabinets.

Sodastream flavours provide a plentiful supply of freshly-made mixers, full of fizzy fun. It's great to have the convenience of an endless stream of fizz at your fingertips. How often have you fancied a nifty spot of spirit with your favourite mixer, only to find the tonic, coke, ginger or bitter lemon bottle empty, or worse... flat! And once your cylinder is spent, Lakeland can give you back your fizz with a replacement SodaStream Gas Refill. Little wonder the nostalgic Soda Stream is back. Chin chin!