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Simplehuman products are designed to make simple, everyday tasks even more efficient and easy. Innovative design combined with cutting edge technology ensures each piece is easy to use without compromising on style.

Simplehuman bins are a prime example of how an everyday item can be transformed into the extraordinary. With stylish designs in a range of colours and finishes, simplehuman have created divided bins so that recycling can be stored separately to household waste in one place and sensor bins that open with a simple wave of the hand. To compliment their bins simplehuman have designed a range of bin liners custom made to fit their bins. These bin liners are super strong with double seams to prevent rips and tears.

Simplehuman mirrors are another customer favourite as sensors detect your face moving towards the mirror and automatically activate the LED illumination ring leaving your hands free to apply makeup.

From the humble toilet brush to standing shower caddies, simplehuman provide clever solutions that will make all the difference to your day to day life.