Salter: master of measuring

What history, what precision, what products! Salter is scales, just as it has been since 1760 when a spring was fashioned from an old file and used as a weighing device. Not that Richard Salter would recognise much from his original invention in the 21st century scales now coming off the firms ever inventive line of products. Salter is synonymous with the quality and craftsmanship which has made the brand famous for over 230 years. What's different is the range of merchandise, where anything and everything from cooking timers to bathroom scales is a measuring master. Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal lends his name to Salter's meticulously accurate scales because he shares the passion for attention to detail. Irrespective of whether you prefer to weigh metric or imperial, you can even put liquid and dry ingredients together on their Aquatronic scales. If that isn't clever enough, there are handy add-and-weigh features as well. Pile on the flour, then add the butter and an easy to ready LCD - liquid crystal display - tells you exactly where you are up to, one increment at a time.