PushPan Loose Based 15cm Round Cake Tin

PushPan Loose Based 15cm Round Cake Tin

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PushPan Loose Based 20cm Round Cake Tin

PushPan Loose Based 20cm Round Cake Tin

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Ever made a delicious, perfectly moist sponge cake only to have all your hard work ruined when it won’t budge from its baking tin? We’ve all been there at some point (and it’s never fun).

No matter your baking abilities, having the right equipment for the job will always be the best way to avoid disaster. So, get ready to say goodbye to cake tin tragedies when you invest in a brilliant PushPan.

Browse our full range of these versatile loose bottom cake tins which are super easy to use and even easier to clean.

Easy-peasy baking

Take the hassle out of removing your beautifully baked sponge from its tin with a Lakeland PushPan. Wondering how they differ from other baking pans? PushPans feature a unique yet simple design which includes a silicone seal base that can be released by pushing the bottom of your tin down gently onto a cup or can.

Once the seal is broken, the base of the tin will slide easily up. You can then totally remove your sponge, slide or slice it off the base and wait for it to cool on a plate before decorating. Give your PushPan a quick wash with warm soapy water and it’s good to go for next time!

Watertight design

Another major pet peeve many bakers have are baking tins that are leaky. After all, you don’t want to lose half your sponge mix to the bottom of your oven!

Thanks to their amazing watertight design, PushPans are entirely leakproof. And many of them are made from hardwearing anodised aluminium which means they don’t need lining with greaseproof paper before you spoon your cake batter in. Simply brush them with oil or a little bit of melted butter and you’re good to go!

PushPans are freezer-safe too, allowing you to whip up a delicious cheesecake or mousse-based pie in advance for dinner parties or special events. You’ll also find their surfaces are entirely scratch-proof, meaning you can slice through your cake with a knife and not risk leaving a mark on the tin’s base.

A PushPan for every occasion

Whether you want to bake a big birthday cake or you’re keen to test out PushPans’ watertight claim with a classic New York cheesecake, why not browse the full selection at Lakeland?

Discover options in a range of sizes, from compact 15cm tins perfect for everyday baking to larger 25cm options for those times you want to make a supersized showstopper. PushPans come with our three-year Lakeland guarantee too, ensuring you get the most out of your brand-new tin.

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