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Step into Prue’s World of colourful culinary adventures, exclusively at Lakeland!

Photograph of Prue Leith

Prue’s World

Prue Leith’s vibrant style, infectious enthusiasm and exceptional cooking expertise have made her a much-loved TV chef and a trusted household name.

When Prue approached us to collaborate on creating a range of cooking products and kitchenware inspired by her travels and culinary adventures, we more than leapt at the chance. What followed was the creation of Prue’s and Lakeland’s Prue’s World range. A collection of durable, top-quality, easy to use and great looking kitchenware made with lively colours and from gorgeous materials, like crushed bamboo zebra wood.

We’re honoured to work with Prue Leith and we’re proud of the kitchenware that bears both Prue’s and Lakeland’s name. We’re confident you’ll find each item is made to a high level of finish, that they work effectively and look fantastic in your kitchen.

The unique Prue Leith touch

Born in South Africa, Prue Leith has travelled the world and thrown herself into adventure after adventure. She’s a successful chef, a restaurateur, a journalist, a novelist and a TV personality.

Prue is creative, passionate, accomplished and trusted. All qualities we’ve made sure we’ve incorporated into our Prue's World range. Each item is made with care, from top-quality materials and is designed to make preparing food and cooking that little bit easier. If you’re looking to make dumplings, this Cast Iron Dumpling Pan will take all the hard work out of it. If you’re in the mood for falafel, this Stainless Steel Falafel Scoop will make sure your falafel balls will be evenly sized and perfectly shaped.

Be inspired to cook dishes from around the world

Prue has toured the world and tasted cuisines from every corner of the globe. Her travels have informed her cooking and have shaped our Prue’s World range. You’ll find a selection of cookware especially designed to make meals from around the world, like this Karahi Cooking Dish for spicy slow cooked curries, or this Cast Iron Tortilla Press to make light, fluffy homemade tortillas.

Prue’s also worked with us at Lakeland to create an assortment of unique recipes, inspired by global cuisines, that can be easily made with items from our Prue’s World range.

Take for example this recipe for delicious Double Cheese & Spring Onion Bites with Sour Cream that can be cooked effortlessly in our Cast Iron Dumpling Pan. That Karahi Cooking Dish is perfect for Prue’s spicey and fragrant Chicken Karahi, whilst a Stainless Steel Dumpling Press & Cutter can help you make Prue’s Pork, Ginger and Spring Onion Dumplings. You can cook them in a 2-Tier Bamboo Steamer too, eat them with Hinged Chopsticks and dip your dumplings in this Ceramic Soy Dipping Set.

We’re confident you’ll be delighted by our Prue's World kitchenware range. We hope you’ll be stirred to try new dishes from around the world, from Tibetan dumplings to classic seafood paella. Our Prue's World Lakeland cookware is ideal to cook the recipes Prue has developed for us. But that’s just the beginning of the adventure – it’s also fantastic for cooking a plethora of recipes from around the globe. Thanks Prue!