Moth Spray & Traps

The trouble with moths is that you don't know they're nibbling away until it's too late. That's why it's important to detect the problem early, so your first sign of an infestation is a trap full of moths, rather than a jumper full of holes. Then you can move in with the moth repellent.

It isn't just clothes that these pests like to snack on. So we've covered all bases with our Carpet Moth Killer Spray, and our Fabric Moth Killer Spray, both of which are fragranced to freshen carpets and clothes, as well as saving them from being eaten. Talk about killing two birds with one stone, or several moths with one clever moth deterrent.

After sending them packing, it's important to stop them coming back for seconds. With our selection of hangers, sachets and protective bags, you won't have to worry about discovering half-chomped jumpers or hole-riddled carpets ever again.