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Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Founded in 1896 in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee by Joseph Lodge, Lodge have forged a reputation for producing durable, quality cast iron cookware.

Lodge embraces the latest foundry technology to produce a range of pre-seasoned cast iron cookware with minimal wastage. "Pre-seasoning" refers to baking vegetable oil onto the iron at a high temperature, creating its natural, easy-release properties. As this is done in the foundry, Lodge's cookware is ready to go right away; just give it a quick hand wash and away you go. What's more, the more you cook, the better it gets.

Lodge pans and skillets come in a broad selection of sizes, catering for all needs and occasions. Smaller pans are perfect for frying an egg or cooking a steak, while larger pans are great for serving up a batch of sizzling fajitas or a quick frittata. Lodge's Dutch ovens are equally versatile. Suitable for sautéing, searing, frying and baking, Lodge's Dutch ovens present a stylish and functional option for easy one-pot-cooking. Brown your meat in the pot before adding the rest of your ingredients and leaving to stew until you're ready to eat. The thick walls and heavy bottom also make Lodge's cast-iron Dutch ovens an ideal deep fryer, or great for soups and soufflés.

Lodge's cast iron range is suitable for all cooking surfaces, including induction, ceramic, electric and gas hobs, as well as barbecues and open fires. It is oven safe up to 260°C, and, as iron is sterile at 100°C, even able to go over a campfire without the need for cleaning with detergent.

Caring for Lodge's Cast Iron Cookware

A few simple tricks will keep your cast iron in good shape for years to come.

Before using your pan, skillet or Dutch oven for the first time, hand wash and dry immediately. After use, rub a thin coating of vegetable oil over the surface; just enough to restore the sheen. This keeps the pan "seasoned" and protects from moisture damage. Caring for your cast-iron cookware lets you create and even repair its seasoning, meaning it can last for over 100 years.

Lodge's cast iron cookware combines traditional quality with modern technology, and will last you a lifetime in the kitchen.