About Lékué

Driven by the ambition of making people feel good through healthy eating, Barcelona-based Lékué offer innovative and creative solutions to make eating a healthy, balanced diet easy and enjoyable. Embracing new materials and the latest in technology, they attempt to inspire people to cook in different ways, simplifying the process, and using food to cultivate a happy and optimistic attitude towards life more generally.

Lékué's products incorporate a number of materials designed to keep the taste of food while providing uniform cooking, while also being flexible and easy to store. Some of their products, such as their microwave steamers, are made from platinum silicone, an odourless, colourless polymer found naturally in sand, quartz and rock. A number of their products also use plastic, known for its durability, as well as ceramic and porcelain, to give you the optimum conditions for achieving the best results easily.

Through their use of ideal materials, and innovative designs, Lékué ensure you get the most out of your oven and microwave. Whether its steaming rice, making your own bagels, or even roasting a chicken in the microwave, their products ensure it is effortlessly easy and store away neatly when you're finished.