About Leifheit

Designed to help you speed through all of your housework, Leifheit's range of innovative, manual cleaning and ironing solutions make light work of all of your chores, leaving you more time to enjoy your day. Whether you've got a mountain of ironing to get through, or need to mop the floors, Lefiheit's products are just what you need.

Designed with functionality in mind, Lefiheit's range of ironing boards are all light, easy to store when not in use, and, most importantly, tailored to help you get every last crease out of your clothes. With their innovative thermos-reflective covers which reflect heat rather than letting it escape, you are effectively ironing your clothes from both sides for a more efficient ironing process. They even have lightweight tabletop ironing boards for when you just have a couple of shirts to do as you rush out of the door in the morning. Equally, their self-wringing mop helps to leave your floors streak-free for sparkling finish.

Useful all around the home, Leifheit's creative solutions for convenient and efficient cleaning are sure to become a welcome addition in any cupboard, helping you finish your chores quickly and with fantastic results.