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Specialising in innovative solutions to help you get your housework done quickly and easily.

leifheit washing line on decking with dry clothes hung on it
Leifheit Airboard Compact Lightweight Ironing Board 120 x 38cm

Leifheit Airboard Compact Lightweight Ironing Board 120 x 38cm

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Leifheit Clean Twist Disc Replacement Mop Head

Leifheit Clean Twist Disc Replacement Mop Head

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Leifheit LinoPop-Up 140 Portable Airer

Leifheit LinoPop-Up 140 Portable Airer

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Leifheit Clean Twist Disc Mop with Wheeled Bucket

Leifheit Clean Twist Disc Mop with Wheeled Bucket

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Designed to help you speed through all of your housework, Leifheit's product range of innovative, manual cleaning and ironing solutions makes light work of all of your chores, leaving you more time to enjoy your day.

Whether you've got a mountain of ironing to get through or need to mop the floors, Leifheit's products all offer a great solution. You’ll discover innovative designs created to take the elbow grease out of getting the housework done. And as a Leifheit stockist, Lakeland has curated some of the best Leifheit products, accessories, extras and Leifheit spare parts to make sure your household cleaning collection is complete with the best.

Leifheit ironing boards

Designed with functionality in mind, Leifheit's ironing boards are all light, easy to store when not in use, and most importantly tailored to help you get every last crease out of your clothes.

With their innovative thermos-reflective covers which reflect heat rather than letting it escape, you are effectively ironing your clothes from both sides for a more efficient ironing process. They even have lightweight tabletop ironing boards for when you just have a couple of shirts to do as you rush out of the door in the morning. This mini version Leifheit ironing board simply sits on top of any table or work top and offers you a quick and easy surface to iron without the need to pull out a full ironing board.

Leifheit clothes airer

Need a quick, simple and easy to use solution for getting your clothes dry? Try one of the fantastic Leifheit clothes airers.

With space-saving rotary airers included in the collection, you’ll find the perfect solution no matter what size garden or outdoor space you’re working with. Why not choose a portable airer that can be used both inside and outdoors? Simply pop it up, hang dry your clothes in the sunshine and fold down when not in use.

Leifheit mops

If you have hard flooring in your home, you’ll know that one of the most common chores on the list is to mop or steam your floors. Especially in your most high-traffic rooms of the house…

Leifheit has a great selection of mops to choose from, each designed with a specific and innovative idea in mind. Discover the range of incredible self-wringing mops, which help to leave your floors streak-free for a sparkling finish. This unique twist design outsmarts the traditional mop and bucket by incorporating a spin feature that wrings out your mop for you to decrease the hard work. You’ll also find microfibre mops, perfect for a quick once over on any floor type. If you’ve already got one of these great floor cleaners, we’ve got plenty of Leifheit accessories too.

Useful all around the home, Leifheit's creative solutions for convenient and efficient cleaning are sure to become a welcome addition in any cupboard, helping you finish your chores quickly and with fantastic results. As a Leifheit UK stockist, the Lakeland range includes some of the brand’s best-sellers and most innovative designs as well as all your essential Leifheit accessories.