Lakeland Stainless Steel 3pc Saucepan Set
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Lakeland Stainless Steel 3pc Saucepan Set

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Stainless steel cookware - hardwearing and hygienic

Take a peek inside any professional kitchen and you’ll spot shelf upon shelf of sparkling stainless steel cookware. Stainless steel pots and pans are mainstays of pro cooking, but have you ever wondered why? Well, stainless steel cookware offers unbeatable benefits in the kitchen, being durable, hygienic, remarkably heat resistant - and so much more.

The silver gleam of stainless steel is timeless. Would stainless steel look out of place in any kitchen? We doubt it. It’s tough, too, and capable of withstanding frequent use - hence why you’ll find stainless steel pots and pans in restaurant kitchens and other busy settings. Steel distributes heat well and evenly, making it perfect for everything from frying and sautéing to stewing and boiling stock - and it cleans up a treat!

Steel appeal

So, what’s the real deal with stainless steel - other than its heavy-duty, timeless appeal? As it turns out, stainless steel has even more to offer in the way of kitchen credentials. Used properly, and with just a little practice, stainless steel cookware can turn out beautiful dishes again and again, without food sticking to its surface. Stainless steel doesn’t react with the chemicals in foods, like acids in marinades, which is why food still tastes so good when it’s cooked in stainless steel pots or roasting dishes. And afterwards, it’s easy to clean with dish soap and water - although it may need a little soak.

Cleaner cooking

Another key reason stainless steel is so popular in the kitchen is its health and hygiene preserving properties. Unlike some metals, stainless steel doesn’t emit toxins when it’s heated, so there’s no need to worry about elements leaching into food during the cooking process. Stainless steel is also extremely microbe repellent: its natural protective layer inhibits the growth of bacteria, which is also why it’s so popular in medical applications. And when stainless steel becomes damaged, it repairs itself - like skin. In this way, it’s not possible for impurities to become embedded in cracks or scratches, giving bacteria nowhere to hide. 

A multipurpose metal

Stainless steel cookware doesn’t only extend as far as pots and pans; the versatile metal is used in all kinds of applications to make cooking in the kitchen easier and more efficient. You’ll find products in our cookware range including stainless steel steamers and colanders (great for retaining heat), vegetable peelers (durable) and even wok rings - as well as plenty of stainless steel options for bakers, including mixing bowls.

Stainless steel knives and utensils

The perfect partner for stainless steel cookware is - you guessed it - stainless steel utensils. Many kitchen knives have a stainless steel blade for longevity and cleanliness but you’ll also find a great range of other stainless steel utensils at Lakeland - like ladles, whisks and strainers. Then there’s tableware. For extra hygiene at mealtimes, stainless steel cutlery sets and serving spoons fit the bill perfectly. With different finishes available, stainless steel cutlery can add a dash of sleek style to dinner times - with the added bonus of being dishwasher friendly.