Kilner Soup Jar and Spoon Set

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Kilner was established in Dewsbury in 1842 and by 1862 was already winning awards for its glass products (as it continues to do today). The iconic Kilner jar was designed and sold by the end of the 1800s and the range developed further to incorporate quality items to make home preserving easy.

Kilner jars are perhaps the most famous item produced by Kilner. The jars were designed with a unique pressure sealed lid comprising of a metal disc and screw band that form a seal ensuring the contents are sealed inside and stay fresh. As home preserving enjoyed a come back Kilner experienced a surge in popularity and extended its range to include preserve jars, twist top jars and square and round clip top jars. The clip top jars differ from the original design as they rely on a clip top lid that forms a tight seal against a rubber ring that separates the lid from the jar.

Although Kilner jars have traditionally been used for jams, chutneys and pickles their mass market appeal means customers have become ever creative in their use. Now you will see Kilner mason jars being used for everything from layered salads to cocktail glasses or vases.

Due to this trend the jars have been re-worked to appeal to a wider audience and have been used to create fashionable and fun Kilner drinking jars. With traditional styling and an embossed Kilner logo they look similar to the traditional mason jars but they benefit from a handle and a range of colours to add style to any event. Match your drinking jars with a Kilner drinks dispenser for a sophisticated way to serve cocktails and juices.

With starter kits, jam making pans, a range of jars and Kilner bottles plus finishing touches such as labels, our range covers everything you need for home preserving and if that sounds like too much hard work just kick back and relax with your Kilner drinking jar instead!