The Kenwood food processor: the king of the kitchen!

We all have our favourite countertop companion, and the crown jewel of kitchen equipment must surely be the Kenwood food processor. Capable of whizzing through a multitude of laborious jobs - chopping, slicing, shredding, liquidising, whisking, grating or kneading just for starters - Kenwood's food processor is fast and efficient, offering professional results every time. Over 50 years of culinary experience and technological development have gone into making the Kenwood Chef the cream of the food processor crop. There aren't many dishes where the Kenwood food processor doesn't lend a welcome hand. It can prepare almost anything, saving huge amounts of time and effort. With different discs for slicing and shredding, along with powerful chopping blades, a revolutionary flexi beater for soft cake mixes and the famous 'K' beater for fruit cakes and pastry, the Kenwood Chef opens up a whole new world of food prep. With a multitude of additional attachments also available, there really is no end to the tasks it can perform. You can make bread and pizza dough with the Kenwood food processor, puree baby food, liquidise and blend too, enabling you to prepare wholesome meals in minutes. The Kenwood Chef even comes with a recipe book should you find yourself needing a little inspiration. One of the most useful time-saving devices ever invented, it's powerful, durable and totally reliable; no wonder over 15 million Kenwood Chefs have been sold worldwide.