Kenwood MultiPro Express + Weighing Food Processor FDM71.960SS

Kenwood MultiPro Express + Weighing Food Processor FDM71.960SS

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Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker XL

Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker XL

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Kenwood Chef Titanium Patissier XL Stand Mixer KWL90.004SI

Kenwood Chef Titanium Patissier XL Stand Mixer KWL90.004SI

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Kenwood Prospero+ Stand Mixer and Blender KHC29.N0SI

Kenwood Prospero+ Stand Mixer and Blender KHC29.N0SI

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Kenwood Cooking Chef Connect KCL95.424SI

Kenwood Cooking Chef Connect KCL95.424SI

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Kenwood stand mixers and food processors

The Kenwood stand mixer is the ultimate kitchen companion. Capable of whizzing through a multitude of laborious jobs - whisking, grating or kneading, to name just a few - Kenwood's stand mixers are fast and efficient, making baking a breeze.

That’s not all, though. Kenwood’s stand mixers and food processors offer a helping hand in creating all kinds of dishes, both savoury and sweet. Kitted out with a range of handy attachments, Kenwood’s stand mixers can chop and slice veg, blend soups and smoothies and even mince meat. They’re capable of preparing almost anything, saving huge amounts of time and effort in the kitchen.

What can a Kenwood food processor do?

Having a Kenwood food processor is like having a sous chef in your kitchen at home. They can whizz through all those pesky food prep jobs - chopping, slicing, shredding, liquidising, whisking, grating and kneading just for starters. Kenwood's food processors are fast and efficient, offering professional results that’ll impress everyone who tries your culinary creations.

Cakes and bakes

Kenwood’s stand mixers are perhaps best known as a baker’s best friend. Models come in various sizes but even the more compact mixers include a stainless steel mixing bowl big enough to make batter for 36 cupcakes, as well as a handy splash guard to protect surfaces from spills. The revolutionary flexi beater is perfect for soft cake mixes, while the famous 'K' beater is durable and efficient for fruit cakes and pastry. If the proof is in the pudding, you won’t be disappointed!

The stand mixer you knead

It doesn’t matter if you're making cupcakes or a fresh loaf of bread, every baker knows that mixing the batter or kneading the dough is the most tiring part of the baking process. That’s where a Kenwood stand mixer comes in handy.

With a host of attachments, Kenwood stand mixers help you get your bake on with minimal fuss. Cook, knead, mix and prove your dough even as you crack on with the other stages in your recipe. Multifunctional stand mixers like the Kenwood Cooking Chef Connect even have a touchscreen with one-touch functions, so it only takes a quick tap to get the ball (or pin) rolling. And because Kenwood stand mixers have loads of different speed settings, you can precisely mix your dough or batter to suit your recipe without any elbow grease required.

Meals in minutes

There aren't many dishes to which the Kenwood food processor doesn't lend a welcome hand. With different discs for slicing and shredding, along with powerful chopping blades, Kenwood mixers and food processors open up a whole new world of food prep. With a multitude of additional attachments also available, there really is no end to the tasks it can perform. You can make bread with the Kenwood food processor, puree baby food, liquidise and blend - everything you need to prepare wholesome meals in minutes.

Get ahead

Versatility is always helpful in the kitchen. A single appliance that performs many tasks saves space - and money. With their many different detachable heads and attachments, Kenwood stand mixers and food processors are all-in-one machines that make food preparation that bit easier. The balloon whisk is ideal for mixing up a mousse or a soufflé, and the dough hook is perfect for pizza dough. Many machines come with juicers and a liquidiser, too, so you can get your five a day with fresh juice for breakfast and a smooth soup at lunch. You could even whip up a batch of bread to go with your soup - the possibilities really are endless.

What are the benefits of having a stand mixer?

Stand mixers have many advantages over traditional baking prep. But for us, the top three perks of using a Kenwood stand mixer in your baking are that it takes almost no effort and makes light work of heavier dough, the amount of washing up time you’ll save (no, seriously), and the number of attachments to suit every kind of bake. They really are one of the most versatile appliances in the kitchen – you can even take a break from baking and use your stand mixer to make ice cream!

Your kitchen sidekick

Over 50 years of culinary experience and technological development have gone into making Kenwood the cream of the food processor crop. Some Kenwood models even come with a recipe book, should you find yourself in need of a little inspiration. Working through the recipe book can give you insight in the many different ways you can use your Kenwood mixer, and you might pick up some tips and tricks along the way. Classed among the most useful time-saving kitchen devices ever invented, Kenwood’s mixers and food processors are rightly known for their powerful, durable and totally reliable performance. It’s no wonder that more than 15 million Kenwood Chefs have been sold worldwide.