Teetering plates, soggy dishcloths draped over taps, work surfaces awash with suds, mould-harbouring cutlery holders... when the ILO range of drainers and sink tidies were designed, these were the kind of all too common washing-up problems they set out to solve. Plus - naturally - they had to look smart too.

Available exclusively at Lakeland, every piece in the ILO range has been carefully thought out with meticulous attention to detail to put an end to all those sink-side niggles.

Clam Shell Dish Drainers
These clever dish drainers have drainage spouts on one long and one shot side, so they can be positioned to suit the space available. And to help them drain in the desired direction, they come with two short and two tall detachable anti-slip feet.

For extra versatility, the detachable cutlery organiser can be positioned inside the drainer or hooked over the side to maximise space. When it comes to loading, the spikes let you stack your dishes any way you want and the high sides keep everything safely contained.

Sink Tidies
Putting an end to countertop clutter, these two-tone sink tidies have a large compartment for bottles, a shallow compartment for smaller accessories, a non-slip rail for dishcloths and a storage plate for sponges. Drainage channels direct water to the front, cut away corners allow easy emptying and they come apart for easy cleaning. With soft anti-slip feet.

Cutlery Drainers
With shallow, medium and deep compartments to suit everything from teaspoons to ladles, and four slots at the back to hold sharp knives safely, these cutlery drainers also come with a soft inner base to protect the tips of your cutlery. Anti-slip feet keep them stable, and the dividing tray and base come out so they're easy to keep clean.