I.O.Shen Knives

Combining the latest in modern technology with traditional Japanese knife-making I.O.Shen specialise in crafting ultra-hard, long-lasting knives suitable for everyone from professional chefs to home cooks.

I.O.Shen's knives feature a Triplex blade, in which an extremely hard layer of Japanese steel is sandwiched between two softer stainless steel layers, producing the ultimate cutting edge and providing shock absorbing qualities to the blade. The exposed middle blade is HRC62 steel, the sharpest blade that can possibly be manufacutured.

As well as featuring revolutionary blades, I.O.Shen's knives also feature hand-finished Full Tang handles. Not just beautiful, with an oriental-inspired design painstakingly finished with care and loosely based on the initial I.O.S, the handles give the knives perfect balance and weight, helping them sit comfortably in your hand for your chopping, slicing, and dicing. This has helped I.O.Shen achieve the seemingly impossible, crafting a beautiful, perfectly weighted knife with an ultra-sharp, reliable blade.

I.O.Shen is driven by the one principal that cooks deserve good knives, and they have designed, crafted and produced their range of knives to be just that. Super sharp and beautiful, we're sure they will be your knife of choice for years to come.