About Hug Rug

Based in Yorkshire, Hug Rug produce eco-friendly barrier doormats, aimed at keeping dirt, dust and moisture out of your home while having as little an impact on the world we live in as possible.

Hug Rug's floor and door mats are incredibly efficient, trapping up to 95% dirt, dust and moisture. The thick cotton fibres are weaved with 10% advanced microfibre, which is thinner than human hair and can absorb over 4 times its own weight in liquid. This lets Hug Rug doormats efficiently soak up moisture, reducing slip hazards from wet floors, while also getting deep into the tread of shoes and paws, protecting carpets and floors and meaning less cleaning for you. They also have rubber backing, to reduce travel and keep the mat firmly in place.

What's more, Hug Rug's catalogue of products are designed to have as little an impact on the world we live in as possible. Their mats are made from recycled cotton from the fashion industry and their backs are made with recycled rubber. Hug Rug have also embraced greener energy sources in the production process, using electricity produced by hydro pumps, windfarms and solar panels. At the end of its life, a Hug Rug doormat is 100% recyclable.

With their environmentally friendly, highly efficient doormats, and energy-efficient production process, Hug Rugs are the perfect addition to your home, helping keep your floors and carpets clean, and the rest of the environment outside where it belongs.