Hug Rug Non Slip Indoor Floor & Door Mat Tiles - 80 x 60cm

Hug Rug Non Slip Indoor Floor & Door Mat Tiles - 80 x 60cm

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Hug Rug Outdoor Barrier Door Mat Charcoal 80 x 60cm

Hug Rug Outdoor Barrier Door Mat Charcoal 80 x 60cm

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Hug Rug

Looking for a rug, an indoor mat or a door runner? Then take a closer look at a Hug Rug.

Crafted by a family business based in Yorkshire, Hug Rugs deliver impressively on three fronts. Hug Rugs are designed to trap moisture and dirt better than almost any other rug or mat on the market, making them a great way to keep your home clean and dry. On top of that, Hug Rugs are environmentally friendly and made by a company committed to minimising their impact on the natural world. And lastly, Hug Rugs look fantastic too. What more can you ask for in a rug?

We’re proud to work with a dedicated and conscientious company like Hug Rug, just as many of our customers are proud to have a Hug Rug in their homes. Take a look at our range of wonderful Hug Rug washable door mats, rugs and door runners, and consider becoming a proud owner of a Hug Rug too.

Trap up to 95% of dirt, dust and moisture

Hug Rug's floor and door mats are made from thick, densely packed cotton fibres plus 10% advanced microfibres that are thinner than human hair and can absorb over four times their own weight in liquid. As well as sounding impressive, that means Hug Rugs are super-efficient and can trap up to 95% of the dirt, dust and moisture they encounter.

By soaking up moisture so well, Hug Rugs reduce slip hazards from wet floors and stop dirty water from being trodden through your home. Hug Rugs also get deep into the treads of shoes and paws to gather all the muck they contain, protecting your carpets and floors and meaning a lot less cleaning for you.

Hug Rugs also have rubber backings to stop them slipping and to make sure they stay where you put them, no matter how hard you wipe your feet.

Eco-friendly barrier doormats and rugs

As well as making high-quality, superior rugs, mats and door liners, you can buy a Hug Rug safe in the knowledge that they’re environmentally friendly too. Inspired by the natural beauty of their Pennine location, Hug Rug is a UK business devoted to minimising their environmental impact. Their mats are made from recycled cotton from the fashion industry and their backs are made with recycled rubber.

Hug Rug has also embraced greener energy sources in the production process, using electricity produced by hydro pumps, wind farms and solar panels. They’re now a ZERO waste to landfill business too. At the end of its life, a Hug Rug doormat is 100% recyclable as well. Hug Rug has even incorporated their natural inspirations into their designs, like this artistic Green Floral Indoor Door Mat.

Made with care by a company you can trust

Phoenix Textiles, the family business behind Hug Rug, has been making carpets since 1954. They know a thing or two about rugs and it shows in their range of products. Hug Rugs are made with care and attention to a high quality of finish. You can rely on a Hug Rug to keep its shape and to keep working effectively over years of daily use.

With their environmentally friendly, highly efficient doormats, and energy-efficient production processes, Hug Rugs are the perfect addition to your home. Hug Rugs help keep your floors and carpets clean, and the rest of the environment outside where it belongs.