Global knife sets

Continuing the thousand-year-old Japanese high art of sword making, Global draw upon centuries of knowledge and tradition to craft knives of the very highest quality so you can achieve exceptional results in the kitchen. Invest in a Global knife set and cook like a pro; Global knives are favoured by top chefs around the world - and we’ve got the best range of Global knives the UK has to offer right here at Lakeland.

Feel the steel

Handcrafted in Yoshikin, Japan, Global knives are made from the finest CROMOVA 18 stainless steel to a secret recipe that blends different metals for optimum results. Using the latest technology, Global’s steel is ice tempered and hardened so it remains razor-sharp longer than any other steel, as well as resisting rust, stains and corrosion. A Global chef knife can be a real boon in the kitchen: each knife is carefully weighted, and their hollow handles are filled with just the right amount of sand to ensure perfect balance in the hand.

Quality designs

Global knives don’t just offer quality construction; they also feature an iconic design that distinguishes them from any other knife on the market. As well as being strong and functional, the stainless steel body of Global knives makes for an effortlessly stylish appearance, and the dots on their handles add a minimalist look which not only feels good in the hand, but also looks good in your Global knife block set.

Clean cuts

A combination of centuries’ knowledge and tradition, the latest technology, and cutting edge design means that Global knives appeal to professional and amateur chefs alike, meeting even the most demanding of requirements. Here in the UK, Global knives continue to soar in popularity, and it’s no wonder: from chef’s knives to Global steak knives, the unibody seamless construction of Global’s top-quality creations ensures that they eliminate food and dirt traps, guaranteeing your knife remains clean and fit for purpose.

Perfect food prep

For all those food prep tasks you love to hate, Global has a solution. You’ll find carving knives, Santoku knives, vegetable choppers, peeling knives and more in our wide range, so why not build your own Global knife set? Global knives take the pain out of prepping everything from fruit and veg to fillet steak, delivering reliable results every time. Don’t forget to visit the Lakeland site regularly to see which products we’ve added - you might just find a bargain Global knife set clearance offer that you can’t resist.

A knife’s edge

If your Oriental-style blades are becoming blunt, we’ve got just the thing to give them back their edge. Global’s compact and lightweight knife sharpener is designed to keep your cutting edges sharp, and it’s really easy to use. Just fill the reservoir base with cold water - this helps to keep the blade cool as you pass it through the ceramic wheels - and pass the blade back and forth gently through the coarse-textured white ceramic wheel, then repeat with the medium-grade pink ceramic wheel - your Global Santoku knife will soon be back to chopping and slicing with ease.