Ecozone Magnoball Anti-Limescale Ball

Ecozone Magnoball Anti-Limescale Ball

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Ecozone Forever Flush 2000 Toilet Cleaner Blocks 2 Pack

Ecozone Forever Flush 2000 Toilet Cleaner Blocks 2 Pack

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Ecozone UK designs and creates incredible and innovative cleaning products with a focus on being eco-friendly. With years of history, the Ecozone brand aims to change the market when it comes to cleaning. Instead of harsh chemicals and environmentally-unfriendly products and packaging, Ecozone focuses on cleaning products that work – but help to reduce environmental impact at the same time.

With products available for the bathroom, kitchen and the laundry room, the Ecozone range at Lakeland is packed with great ideas to make your home greener and more eco-friendly. So, whether you’re starting to reduce your footprint from scratch or you already live in a green home with a focus on sustainability, Ecozone products could be perfect for you.

About Ecozone UK

Ecozone launched over 20 years ago with one goal; to create a great range of hard-working cleaning products without the nasty and harmful chemicals found in many traditional cleaning solutions.

Using plant-based and natural ingredients, the Ecozone product range has evolved to include over 100 innovations and is now used all over the world. With the hope to encourage households everywhere to make cleaner, more sustainable choices when it comes to household cleaning, Ecozone sticks to a green, vegan, pet-friendly, plastic-free and natural formula to create and manufacture each of its products.

Ecozone products for laundry

A great way to switch up your regular washing detergent for something more eco-friendly is to choose Ecozone products for laundry.

Discover the ground-breaking soap nuts that replace chemical-based detergent with a 100% natural option. Containing just one ingredient (naturally-derived saponin), soap nuts are grown on trees and offer a completely natural but effective way to clean your clothes. They also soften your clothes, which means there’s no need to add in any extra fabric softener to your washes either!

The nuts come complete with a washing bag. Just add a few nuts to the bag and pop it into your washing load and wash as normal. Once your wash is finished, simply dry out the nuts and they can be used up to four more times, making them incredibly sustainable. Once discarded, they’re also biodegradable, so you’ll leave no harmful product or packaging behind.

Ecozone bathroom products

Your bathroom doesn’t need to get left behind when it comes to being eco-friendly. Try some of the Ecozone products that are designed specifically for bathrooms and toilets. The Ecozone toilet cleaner blocks are a great example. This all-natural leave-in toilet cleaner protects against stains and limescale and lasts for over 2000 flushes, sitting out of view in your toilet’s cistern.

Ecozone products for the kitchen

Update your kitchen cleaning products with Ecozone’s kitchen range. Try the fantastic anti-limescale ball design, which works for dishwashers and washing machines. It’s an efficient and eco way to keep your appliances in tip-top condition. And it helps you to use less cleaning product too.

If you’re looking to create a more eco-friendly home, Ecozone might just be the perfect way to get started. Stock up on some of the best and most environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions for anywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom at Lakeland. Discover all the best cleaning equipment to go with your new products right here too.