EasiYo Yogurt Makers and Mixes

Fresh yoghurt has never been so popular - it tastes fantastic and helps keep us healthy - and that's why EasiYo, all the way from New Zealand, has gathered pace in the 'make your own' stakes because it's so unbelievably easy.

Home-made EasiYo is exactly what is says, easy yoghurt. The yogurt makers are designed to take specially formulated EasiYo sachets, each one of which can make either 1kg or 500g of delicious yogurt. You simply mix the contents with water and let the maker do the rest. Result: perfect thick, creamy, nutritious home-made yoghurt each and every time.

Packed with live probiotic cultures, including acidophilus - which gives yoghurt is legendary health properties, it's these friendly bacteria that are good for digestion. Full of calcium and low fat too; great for those of us watching our waists. There are mixes to make creamy, natural greek yoghurt and for those who like a bit of flavour, there's a mouth-watering selection of fruity sachets. And should you so desire, you can add EasiYo fruit squirt made from delicious fruit pulp or add pieces of fruit or raisins to make a more satisfying snack.