Dyson Vacuum Cleaners & Electricals

Dyson prides itself on being a company that provides innovative solutions to common problems. Dyson is named after its founder James Dyson, who set about inventing the first bag free vacuum cleaner in 1978 after finding his vacuum bag had become clogged with dust, causing a loss of suction.

The Dyson cordless vacuum was born, and since its conception the design and performance has gone from strength to strength. Although newer models still rely on cyclone technology to separate dust from air, some now feature two tiers of cyclone cones to remove even microscopic dust particles. Ranges such as the Dyson V8 have such impressive performance that they are certified asthma and allergy friendly. As a country of animal lovers it is also positive to see the range of Dyson Animal vacuums that even include a specialist motorised tool specifically for pet hair.

Dyson hoovers are know for being lightweight and easy to use with many of the full size models converting into handheld vacuums so you can clean even in hard to reach areas. Cordless models make vacuuming even easier as you don’t have the hassle of finding a plug or tripping up over a messy cord.

Not content with designing vacuums Dyson now have over 1000 engineers creating exciting new design concepts from fans to hairdryers. However, they will always be famous for their fantastic bagless vacuums and it is likely we will continue to see their designs evolve and become even more impressive!