Dry:Soon Heated Cabinet

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Dry:Soon Drying Pod

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Dry:Soon Heated Airers

Our range of Dry:Soon heated airers have been making drying a breeze since we introduced our first electric airer in 2008. Since then, we have developed our Standard range, as well as introducing a Deluxe range, and a selection of handy accessories, to make sure we have an electric airer that suits your needs.

We have designed our Dry:Soon heated airers to be as convenient as possible and fit seamlessly into your everyday life. Made from light yet robust aluminium, they have fold-down shelves which allow you to easily store them until they are needed. Powered by electricity, they cost pennies an hour to run, while also being kinder to your clothes (and wallet) than tumble drying. Thermostatically-controlled bars guarantee the airer won't overheat, while also offering plenty of drying space that is more efficient than laying laundry on your radiator.

We have also developed a range of accessories alongside our Dry:Soon electric airers to help you get even more out of them. Covers designed and made to fit over airers snugly both keep the heat in for more efficient drying, as well as doubling as storage bags for folded airers; mesh shelves let you lay delicate clothes over the top of the bars rather than hanging; while easy-to-fit, smooth-running castors make your Dry:Soon heated airer truly mobile for moving between drying sessions.

Strong, lightweight and economical, our range of Dry:Soon heated airers have made drying your clothes on a cold, rainy day as easy as if the sun were out, and with a broad range of designs and sizes to choose from, we’re sure there will be one that suits you perfectly.