Deft - Eco Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Our Buyer Lisa was so excited when she first saw these cleaners that she came straight up to our office to give us a demo. Powered by environmentally friendly compressed air rather than butane or propane, their triggers produce a super-fine, even mist with just one light squeeze – there’ll be no aching fingers here! – covering surfaces in seconds with no sopping wet splodges or dry spots. And 360° Anyway Spray technology allows you to clean awkward corners by holding the bottle at any angle, even upside down. The secret? The spray tube runs the whole length of the bottle and is covered with tiny holes, so spray will be released as long as the liquid is touching any part of the tube, and it also means that every last drop is used, so nothing goes to waste. There’s a dedicated cleaner for your kitchen, bathroom, shower and windows, each one beautifully fragranced with a different fresh scent. And when the bottles are completely empty, they’re completely recyclable too