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Cobb Premier Charcoal Barbecue Grill and 6 Cobblestones Bundle

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Cobb Premier Air Barbecue and Smoke Free Cobble Stones Bundle

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Cobb BBQ and Cobb Accessories

It roasts, it bakes, it fries, it grills – the versatile, go-anywhere Cobb BBQ Cooking System will change the way you cook outdoors forever.

The Cobb barbecue has various features that set it apart from other barbecues. While it can use normal charcoal briquettes it can also burn smoke free cobblestones meaning it has a low carbon footprint. Ventilation holes in the lid ensure oven style cooking and fat drains into a moat, which can also be used to help infuse items with flavours, or cook veggies. The fact you can roast a chicken or cook a pizza show the versatility of the Cobb.

One of the benefits of the Cobb is the array of useful accessories that can enhance its performance. From a fat drainer for healthier cooking or a roasting dome for even more effective roasts to a pizza stone for rustic stone baked pizzas cooked outdoors.

Whether you want a simple BBQ or a roast dinner the Cobb is possibly the best all-in-one barbecue solution and due to its portable size (and carry case) it’s ideal for camping or walks in the countryside.