Chef'n StemGem Tomato & Strawberry Huller

Chef'n StemGem Tomato & Strawberry Huller

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About Chef'n

Established in 1985, Chef'n specialise in bright and innovative gadgets for the kitchen, helping to make food prep that little bit quicker, easier, and more enjoyable. Combining their eye for innovative designs with practicality and stylish finishes, Chef'n's products are perfect in the kitchen of any aspiring home cook.

We are big fans of Chef'n's stylish products, and it seems we're not the only ones. Chef'n have won the prestigious Red Dot Award for their colourful products. Not just good-looking though, all of their products are designed with usability and durability at the forefront of their considerations. Tested and re-tested in their lab in Seattle, each products goes through numerous stages to ensure it meets their high-standards before it is given the go-ahead.

Convenient and functional, Chef'n's range of products are sure to make a big impact in your kitchen with minimal effort. Not requiring batteries, they are always ready just when you need them, while they are also designed to require as little storage space as possible, guaranteeing your cupboards will not be overflowing with kitchen gadgets. Small in size, but big in capabilities, they make everything from making delicious homemade ice cream, to stripping corn and herbs, or coring sprouts for your roast dinner, effortlessly easy.

Perfect in just about any kitchen, and saving you time and effort, Chef'n have designed an innovative and eye catching range of products designed to take all the fuss out of food prep, while helping you quickly and easily get the perfect results you’re looking for.