Beurer Nordic Faux Fur Heat Pad

Beurer Nordic Faux Fur Heat Pad

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Beurer heated throws & hot water bottles

German brand Beurer has been producing electrical devices for health and wellbeing since 1919, so it’s fair to say they know a thing or two about making life more convenient and comfortable. Käthe Beurer and her husband Eugen started out making and selling electrically operated personal heat pads and a century on, this global company is still family run, headed up by their great-grandson, Marco Bühler.

With more than 500 products to their name, Beurer now make so much more than heated seat pads: you’ll find everything from lumbar support back cushions and aroma diffusers to electric hot water bottles and vanity mirrors in their vast range - products designed to help us feel and look our best - all with our three-year guarantee.

Warm up

When the weather is chilly, warm up under a Beurer heated throw. Like an electric hot water bottle, this throw will keep you warm and snug - and it’s easily big enough for two thanks to its generous size. With six easy-to-control temperature settings, Beurer’s heated throw can be as warm as you want, but it also has an auto switch-off function to prevent overheating should you accidentally doze off. For toasty toes, a foot warmer works wonders. Beurer foot warmers have a removable and washable faux fur lining for that extra comfort factor and three temperature settings, making them perfect for those cold winter days or for regular use to help with circulation problems.

Breathing space

We all want our homes to be clean and comfortable, and with Beurers’s innovative gadgets, they can be. Among the brand’s wide range of wellbeing products are air purifiers, designed with a three-filter layer to catch 99.5% of particles and help you breathe easier. Ideal for people with allergies, air purifiers can trap dust, pollen, mites, viruses and bacteria for a cleaner indoor environment. And when the air is stiflingly hot, you can rely on Beurer’s compact cooling fans for relief. With three speeds, you can choose the option to suit you and enjoy fresh, cool surroundings for up to four hours.

Mood boosters

The weather is famously changeable here in the UK, and the cold, dark winter months can play havoc with our wellbeing. If you experience the winter blues (and there are around 2 million people here who do), a SAD lamp could help. Beurer’s SAD lamps emit simulated sunlight for mood-boosting benefits when the days are dark and long. Available in different sizes, Beurer’s SAD lamps can be kept stationary at home or taken along when you you’re travelling - just choose the best size option to suit your needs. For your time at home, team your SAD lamp with a colour-changing aroma diffuser to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere all year round.

Picture perfect

We all want to look our best and a good mirror makes the perfect addition to any dressing table. Whether it’s a quick check of the teeth post-meal or your regular morning makeup application, Beurer’s vanity mirrors can lend a helping hand. With extra bright lights, magnification (ideal for a quick tweeze of the eyebrows) and a dimmer function, these vanity mirrors can help you see yourself as clearly as you’d like, and always in the best light. Some models of vanity mirror even have a handy storage tray to ensure that everything you need is always close at hand.