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A natural and sustainable alternative to plastic sandwich bags or cling film.

Sandwich being wrapped up in the natural cling film.

Bee’s Wrap eco food wraps

A natural and sustainable alternative to plastic sandwich bags or cling film, beeswax food wraps are perfect for keeping your food fresh without any unnecessary waste. We’ve got a great range of eco food wraps from top US brand Bee’s Wrap in stock, lovingly made in honey-themed designs with certified organic cotton and responsibly-sourced beeswax.

So, how do you use food wraps? It’s actually really simple. As you spread the wrap around a piece of food, the warmth of your hands heats the wax slightly and the wrap becomes malleable. It quickly cools again, holding its seal around the food. As well as wrapping pieces of food, like half a swede or a freshly-made baguette, eco food wraps can be used to cover a casserole dish or a salad bowl, and they’re completely fridge friendly.

Sandwich solutions

If you want to reduce your environmental impact, switching from single-use plastics to something more sustainable is a great way to go green. There are loads of ways to reduce our reliance on plastic, one of which is ditching the cling film or plastic sandwich bags in favour of reusable eco food wraps. Bee’s Wraps are ideal for sandwiches - so much so that there’s a dedicated sandwich wrap in the range right here at Lakeland. It’s the perfect size at 33cm x 33cm - just pop your sarnies in the middle, fold the wrap to cover the contents and seal in the freshness with the heat of your hands.

Wrap things up

Food wraps are an eco-friendly, reusable way to cover food of all kinds. From sliced bread to fruit and veg, eco food wraps can even be used on top of bowls or plates as makeshift lids. Our range of Bee’s Wraps includes a set of food wraps in different sizes, so you can pick out the right wrap for whatever you want to keep fresh. We’ve also got a dedicated pack of reusable food wraps just for cheese, which prevents sweating to keep your favourite fromage fresher for longer.

Bees vs bacteria

You might be wondering just how hygienic food wraps are - can they be cleaned? Are they reusable? How many times? Bee’s Wraps are coated in beeswax and organic jojoba, both of which have naturally antibacterial properties (unlike a plastic sandwich bag). They’re also completely cleanable - just wash them in cool water with mild soap and allow your food wraps to air dry. With care, Bee’s Wraps last for around a year, and when they can’t be used any longer, just toss them in with the compost to biodegrade.

Wrap refresher

Food wraps looking a bit past their prime? Not to worry. It’s easy to refresh beeswax wraps with a block of wax or some pellets. We’ve got some special drops made from British beeswax, natural pine resin and organic jojoba oil that are just perfect for re-waxing tired reusable wraps. All you need to refresh your wraps in addition to our drops is an iron, a tea towel and some baking parchment. In a matter of minutes your wraps will be back to their sticky old selves and are ready to be reused again.