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Ball has grown to establish itself as a world-renowned market leader in home preserving and jam making.

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6 Ball Wide Mouth Embossed Glass Jam Jars and Lids 473ml

6 Ball Wide Mouth Embossed Glass Jam Jars and Lids 473ml

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Ball freshTECH Jam and Jelly Maker FTJM-AU-15-01

Ball freshTECH Jam and Jelly Maker FTJM-AU-15-01

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Ball Mason Jars

What can be more homely than a beautifully bottled preserve? And nothing says ‘elegantly home-made’ like a Ball Mason Jar. Perfect for jam- making, chutneys, conserves, pie fillings and kimchi, these unmistakable (and much emulated) bottles are the sign of quality, all wrapped up in vintage style.

Why so special? With a traditional 2-part screw and banded lid, our Ball Mason Jars are completely airtight, watertight and designed for easy filling. Made by the world-renown glass and preserving specialists, these home preserving jars have been leading the way for over 140 years and each one is embossed with the unmistakable Ball signature.

Perfect for gifting your home-made jams and preserves, while also being elegant enough to go from kitchen to table, the range features preserving accessories including jars, lids and covers, labels, jam makers and ingredients, to make turning your own produce into zingy preserves as quick, easy and efficient as possible. Half the fun is in the making, knowing you’re following a time-honoured tradition of preserving fruits and veggies; the other half comes when you pull a jar from the depths of the cupboard in mid-winter, and unleash the juicy fresh tastes of summer.