Artesa Cheese Platter & Knife Set

Artesa Cheese Platter & Knife Set

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About Artesà

Bringing hand-finished elegance to your dining room table, the Artesà's range of products ensure your food is served in style, sure to go down a treat with your friends and families when entertaining.

Whether it's a bowl of olives to start, a large medley of Mediterranean favourites, or cheese and biscuits to finish, Artesà guarantee your serveware is as a good-looking as your food. Hand-finished in hard-wearing materials such as slate, wood, copper and glass, their products bring a premium feel to your dining room table, and are built to last. They are sure to leave guests impressed with your attention to detail, and let your dinner party live long in the memory for all the right reasons.

Not just for displaying your food in style, Artesà products also bring a certain theatre to meal times and entertaining. Let your guests cooks their own meat, fish and veg right at the table on a hot stone, or gather round a warming pot of melted cheese and dip chunky bread to your heart's content. You can even cook pizza right at the table, leaving you more time to spend with guests and making sure everyone has a fun, memorable night.

Whether you're hosting an afternoon tea for a couple of friends, or an evening party for a few more, the Artesà entertaining range ensures your food is well displayed for every occasion, while also bringing added theatre to your table, turning your parties into an experience not to be forgotten in a hurry.