About Authentic India by Anjula Devi

Indian cookery expert Anjula Devi is on a mission: to get people making authentic Indian food in their own homes. Taking inspiration from the recipes and techniques passed down by her father she firmly believes that you don't need to bother buying loads of expensive ingredients and kit – all you need to make great-tasting Indian food is a small range of spices and some simple equipment.

Created in conjunction with Anjula Devi, every piece in the Authentic India range is easy to use and designed specifically for the job in hand, from flavouring curries to fluffing chapatis and her easy to follow recipe books show you how to create delicious curries and spice blends.

To learn more about Authentic India by Anjula Devi visit our Lakeland blog where you can view informative videos and more details about the range in Anjula Devi - Authentic Indian Food.