Outdoor Drying & Airers

One of the scents of the summer has to be line-dried laundry, so give your clothes that oh-so-fresh smell with our selection of clothes dryers and other laundry accessories.

Making drying laundry a breeze

Is it just us who gets excited about a sunny day for the outdoor drying opportunities alone? Summer is a great time to help both the environment and your energy bill by giving your tumble drier a break, so explore our range of rotary airers to make drying your laundry a doddle.

When it comes to rotary airers, you can choose between a telescopic or free-standing option depending on your outdoor space. The Lakeland Telescopic Rotary Airer has a fully adjustable telescopic pole, so you can set the airer at the height that’s best for you. It spins all the way round, meaning there’s no need to carry that heavy basket of wet laundry around, and it’s also easy to move when you want to claim back your lawn for something else – spot of badminton anyone?

When you do want to pop your drier down for the day, a rotary airer cover will keep your line clean and dry, and protect against the ever-unpredictable British weather. Brabantia’s range comes in some lovely colours, and all have a full-length zip so you won’t be spotted by your neighbours trying to squeeze it on and off.

For the ultimate versatility, the Lakeland Free-Standing Outdoor Rotary Airer is really easy to carry out into your garden and position wherever works best. It includes ground pegs to hold the frame in-place on your lawn, so not even a sudden gust of wind will rock your airer. You’ll be surprised at just how much laundry you can fit on these nifty bits of kit – and at how quickly you’ll be bringing the dry clothes back inside again!

Perfect pegs

Not all clothing pegs were created equal, and we know people have their own personal favourite style. That’s why we have a fantastic range to choose from, including Soft Grip Clothes Pegs that are strong yet gentle, with cushioned grips to protect even the most delicate of clothes from unsightly indentations. If you’re looking for a durable, yet eco-friendly option, our 20 Lakeland Recycled Plastic Pegs are made from plastic offcuts that would have otherwise been wasted, and give a firm grip to all clothing items – even on really windy days. And they’re fully recyclable once you’re finished with them too. Or if you prefer to stay traditional, our Wooden Clothes Pegs are made from FSC-certified birchwood, and have extra-strong stainless-steel springs that won’t rust when keeping your clothes secure. At the end of their life, they’re fully recyclable – a bonus for you and the planet.

Make sure you keep your favourite pegs close to hand with our selection of peg bags and caddies in beautiful designs – because who said a peg bag had to be boring? There are waterproof options too, designed to keep your pegs dry on those days the weather forecast isn’t quite as predicted...