Rotary Airers

Drying your clothes outside couldn’t be easier with Lakeland’s range of high performance rotary airers. We’ve chosen some of the best outdoor dryers from trusted brands such as Brabantia, Hills and Leifheit. Plus, for extra confidence all come with our 3 year guarantee and many with a manufacturer’s guarantee on top.

All are sturdy enough to hold several loads of washing and the spin allows you to hang out clothing, bedding and towels easily and without having to lug your laundry basket about! The superb spinning mechanisms on our rotary airers also makes sure that they will turn in the slightest breeze so just-washed laundry will dry nice and quickly with that super-fresh smell and feel too. And of course, drying outside in the fresh air will save you a few pennies too as it reduces the need to use a tumble dryer or, dare we say it, a heated airer!

We also offer great laundry accessories such as rotary airer covers, to keep the lines of your airer clean and dry plus other accessories such as clothes pegs, peg bags and laundry baskets.