Laundry Baskets and Hampers

Long gone are the times when washday was only on a Monday, our laundry basket always seems to be full to overflowing. Barely a day goes by when the washing machine isn't on, coping with ever-expanding loads of our family's laundry, which is why we have come up with a fantastically flexible line of laundry baskets, hampers and totes to suit all households.

We're not just talking clothes here. With bedding, a constant stream of towels, occasional curtains and even those loose chair covers we can wash at home, there is always something waiting to go in the machine. A washing basket takes the load! They come in different styles and one will be just right for you. Traditional weaves or stylish are a reminder of those amazing vintage linen baskets of the 1930s. Practical, hard-wearing plastic washing baskets are another popular choice as they're easy to clean and come in a large range of sizes and colours. Lakeland even stock a handy laundry basket with folding legs so you don't have to stoop while pegging clothes out. The laundry won't do itself, but having the right accessories to store and carry your washing will make life a whole lot easier.

After you've done your wash how do you dry your laundry? Our wide range of clothes airers are great for natural drying; even in confined spaces. Don't forget the pegs!