Gleener Fuzz Remover 2 in 1 Clothes De-Piller and Lint Brush

Gleener Fuzz Remover 2 in 1 Clothes De-Piller and Lint Brush

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Laundry and Ironing Accessories

You might love it or you might very well hate it. Either way, doing laundry is a necessity in every household up and down the country.

With our range of nifty laundry and ironing accessories, having fresh linen and clothing really can be easy-breezy. Whether you want a mesh laundry bag to stash your smalls in or you’re after something that’ll eliminate fluff and lint from your clothes, you’re bound to find it at Lakeland.

And then there’s that tiresome little task called ironing. While it’s essential for keeping your clothes looking fresh and sleek, it can also be a huge hassle. So, why make it any harder than it needs to be? Browse our brilliant ironing accessories and discover items you never knew you needed.

Why do people use laundry bags?

Ever put something delicate in the wash only for it to come out looking pulled or featuring a few loose threads? Thankfully, popping underwear or any items made of finer fabrics in a laundry bag is a great way to stop snagging and tearing.

We’ve got heaps of different wash bags in our collection, from mesh laundry bags specifically for bras and pants to larger bags that are great for storing silk blouses or knitwear when they go in your machine. Need more than one? Shop sets of laundry washing machine bags featuring a range of different sizes to suit your needs.

You’ll also spot laundry wash bags specifically for your cleaning accessories, so you don’t have to worry about dirt and bacteria from grubby clothes and tea towels contaminating your clothes.

Eco-friendly laundry accessories

Washing your clothes regularly might be necessary – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be eco-friendly too. As well as choosing the right washing powder and keeping your machine temperature on a cooler setting, you could also invest in a few nifty laundry accessories.

Dryer balls for your tumble dryer are brilliant at softening clothes without the need for adding any chemicals to your load. Or, how about buying a lint roller that can quickly remove fluff or hair from jackets and coats when you’re heading out the door in a hurry?

Crease-free clothes made easy

The other side of doing laundry is ironing. Yep, we all know it can be tedious. Especially if you’ve got to iron what feels like a hundred different shirts or blouses each and every week. Why not make it feel like less of a chore with some useful ironing accessories?

Find soft ironing cloths in a range of sizes which drape over your clothes to prevent them from burning when you’re ironing. We also stock clips that can help keep your ironing board cover in place. Speaking of covers, why not upgrade your laundry space with a new ironing board and cover? From compact table-top ironing boards to larger options perfect for family homes, there’s so many outstanding options.

Searching for more handy household items? You’ll uncover plenty of options on our product-packed laundry and ironing page, including must-have laundry items, laundry baskets and specialty gadgets.