Dry Soon three tiered air drier being showcased in the ktichen with freshly dried towels folded

Clothes Airers

Washing days are rarely a once a week thing in the modern world, and busy households combined with unreliable weather can make getting laundry dry a frustrating task. Come rain or shine, we've a lightweight clothes airer or clothes horse for all occasions, whether you have a lot of drying space or a little, and many are suitable for indoors or out.

Slimline clothes airers are really neat in small spaces, standing tall rather than taking up much needed room; concertina versions fold flat, yet open out to take a full washing load, and we even have a clothes horse that's shaped to fit in your bath, making the most of unused space. Most of our dryers have drying racks or trays included for drying delicates flat, so they'll cater for all garments and not just smalls and socks.

If the environmental impact and cost of tumble dryers is off putting why not try a heated clothes airer? Economical to run and gentle on delicates they come with a range of accessories to provide efficient drying. Another option if you prefer line-fresh drying is our rotary airers and washing lines. We even do a version with an integral parasol so you can dry outdoors on drizzly days.

Once your clothes are nice and dry keep the Lakeland experience going with our range of washing baskets and ironing boards. If you put your airer outside, don't forget the pegs!