Dry Soon three tiered air drier being showcased in the ktichen with freshly dried towels folded
Dry:Soon Mini 3-Tier Heated Airer

Dry:Soon Mini 3-Tier Heated Airer

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Dry:Soon Drying Pod

Dry:Soon Drying Pod

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Dry:Soon Heated Cabinet

Dry:Soon Heated Cabinet

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Electric Clothes Dryers and Airers

When laundry day comes around, if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that you can’t always rely on the British weather to get your clothes dry. You could use a traditional clothes horse, of course, (or an expensive-to-run tumble dryer) but a heated clothes airer will speed things up, and keep your radiators, bannisters and chair backs clear.

In a choice of sizes and designs, the tiers on our exclusive Dry:Soon airers can be configured to suit whatever you’re drying, be it towels and duvets or socks and smalls. Costing only pennies to run, these indoor clothes airers fold down for easy storage too. With a range of accessories available to help you get even more out of your electric dryer – including airer covers that not only help your clothes dry faster but keep your airer dust-free when it’s not in use – you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one.

Why use an electric clothes dryer?

Is an electric air dryer right for you? Being able to dry your clothes indoors is a perk when you can’t rely on the sunshine, but that’s just the start of the heated clothes airer benefits.

When it comes to speed, heated airers ensure the fastest way to air dry your clothes indoors as well as being incredibly affordable to run. They’re lightweight, versatile and portable, which makes them ideal for all types of homes. And when you’re finished, simply fold up and store away out of sight.

Which clothes airer should I choose?

Not sure which Dry:Soon clothes dryer is right for your home? There are plenty of options. You should consider your household needs when it comes to laundry as well as the space you have available when deciding which is the right model for you.

At Lakeland, you’ll find our Standard airer as well as our larger Deluxe model and our Mini model, perfect for compact rooms. Then it comes down to personalising your clothes airers with the right accessories!

Try the Dry:Soon drying pod

Need to get shirts or blouses dried quickly? A Dry:Soon Drying Pod is a great household drying gadget… Holding plenty and drying gently, as well as being quick, efficient and economical to run, these electric dryers are worthy additions to the Dry:Soon family.

Simply hang up to 12 items inside your air dryer pod and zip up the attached cover. The integrated base fan then circulates hot air into the pod, gently air drying your clothes indoors, no matter what the forecast says. It’s perfect for compact spaces and smaller laundry loads.

Stock up on accessories

Make the best use of your new clothes airer with the essential drying accessories available at Lakeland. An air dryer cover locks in the warmth to dry your clothes quicker and more efficiently while our hanging peg designs and extra shelving allow you to create even more space in your electric dryer so you can get through more laundry faster. You’ll even find additional caster sets to add wheels to your clothes dryer, making it that much more portable.

Shop Lakeland’s complete range of clothes drying racks and electric air dryers and change the way you do your laundry forever. Don’t forget to stock up on the very best laundry products and washing detergents here too. From stain remover to eco-friendly washing products, you’ll find everything you need.