Dry Soon three tiered air drier being showcased in the ktichen with freshly dried towels folded
Leifheit LinoPop-Up 140 Portable Airer

Leifheit LinoPop-Up 140 Portable Airer

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Clothes dryers & airers

No one likes the sight of Dad’s damp Y-fronts draped over radiators throughout the house; it’s much better to keep them all neatly in one place. That’s exactly what a clothes horse is for, and fortunately, we’ve got racks of them.

Whether you’re after a traditional concertina clothes airer to stand proudly in the spare room, a rotary airer to sit in the garden (or maybe a portable one to move inside when it rains!), a simple single-bar clothes drying rack or a ceiling airer to make the most out of your space, we’re sure you’ll find something that meets all your drying needs in our wide and varied selection.

Space savers

Drying clothes indoors can take up a lot of room but with a few clever solutions, you can capitalise on even the most compact of spaces. Fold-away airers like our beechwood and steel foldable airer and ironing tidy are perfect when space is at a premium. With a small footprint, this indoor dryer provides enough hanging space for up to 48 items and its arms fold down for easy storage. Another option is an over-door fold-away airer - offering three metres of drying space and handy hooks for towels or bath robes, these nifty drying racks are ideal for smaller washing loads, but you can always invest in a few to hang more washing conveniently out of sight.

Modern classics

Traditional indoor dryers are often hinged with four sections that fold to suit the space you have available. We’ve got a great range of clothes horses modelled on this tried and tested design but with the added benefit of modern features that add an element of style to these traditional drying racks. You’ll find lots of our hinged clothes airers in attractive wooden finishes with aluminium rungs that won’t mark your clothes, capable of holding up to 15kg of freshly washed laundry. If you’re looking for something just as stylish but that takes up less (or zero) floor space, we’ve got just the thing: our celling mounted clothes airer is another modern take on a traditional design and makes use of the vertical space in your home, with up to 6.7 metres of drying room.

Blow dry

Nothing beats the freshness of clothes that have dried in the breeze, and if you’re looking for an outside dryer, we’ve got some great options. Rotary airers are designed to turn in the wind, making them perfect for drying clothes outdoors, and you’ll find a wide range to choose from here at Lakeland - including options with a ground spike and freestanding alternatives. We’ve got telescopic drying racks for outside drying too, and telescopic laundry poles for propping up your washing line - don’t forget to pick up some pegs, or even one of our 36-peg airers suitable for socks, smalls or baby clothes.

Feel the heat

If it’s an inside dryer you’re after, you’ll find plenty in stock online and in store - and not just of the types mentioned above. For quick drying without that damp smell, our electric dryers and airers fit the bill. From heated airer covers and compact pods to deluxe heated airers and cabinets, our Dry:Soon line of heated clothes airers can cut down on clothes drying times - and they’re economical to run, too. Because each bar emits gentle heat, you won’t run the risk of wrecking delicate clothing in the tumble drier, and you can set the timer for how long you’d like your airer to operate for, for maximum efficiency.