Moth Stop spray bottle placed on a woolly jumper with other Moth Stop products placed around the jumper

Insect Repellents and Moth Treatment

There are many perks during the summer months, but a greater presence of insects and moths is not one of them. We’re sure you’ll find our range of insect repellents, moth repellents and moth sprays just as essential as your new barbecue this season.

Insect-repelling magic

Nothing ruins a pleasant outdoor scene like a swarm of insects. Don’t let that nightmare become a reality – get your insect repellents ready for the summer. Thermacell’s Halo Mini Patio Shield Mosquito and Midge Repeller creates a 20m protection zone to ward off intruders without harming them, so you can enjoy your peaceful scene in good conscience.

When the sun goes down, our LED Colour-Changing Citronella Candle will bring some added ambiance to an evening on the patio while giving off a gentle scent that, happily, insects aren’t too keen of. Simply light the candle and enjoy the calming hues of blue, purple, green, and pink as the colours change.

Stop moths in their tracks with effective moth treatments

Let’s talk moths – an important topic at this time of year, especially if you don’t want to find lots of little holes in your clothes... Moth Stop is our essential range of versatile moth deterrent solutions to keep pesky clothes moths away from your clothes, soft furnishings, and carpets, stopping them in their tracks before they lay eggs and ruin your favourite belongings. Our Moth Stop Moth Killer Sprays – there’s one for carpets and one for fabric – kill moths, their eggs and their larvae (which are the ones that do the munching), and as a bonus, they leave a lovely lavender or cotton scent that sticks around even after the moths have gone. They’re effective for three months, so get spraying soon, and you won’t need to reapply until the end of summer!

Keep your home protected with moth killer spray and traps

If you’re looking for a carpet moth treatment, Moth Stop Carpet Moth Killer and Freshener Spray will keep your carpet safe from moths for up to three months. It leaves a pleasant lavender or cotton scent, and handily works on carpet beetles, silverfish, and dastardly dust mites, too.

For an all-round detector and moth catcher, the Moth Stop Moth Detector and Trap is your secret weapon. It releases pheromones to attract adult male moths, and then traps them in the large sticky pad – which means no more mating for the male. Use it wherever the moth risk is higher – like inside wardrobes or behind sofas – and it’ll remain effective for up to eight weeks. Then, the clever end-of-life indicator will let you know when it’s time to slot a replacement pad in.

Our Moth Stop Hangers are also a handy item to pop in your wardrobe. Quick and simple to use, they’ll keep your wardrobe free from moths, and your favourite clothes safe for up to six months. Packing your winter jumpers away for the summer? The Moth Stop Store & Protect Storage Bags will keep your clothes safe, and because they’re transparent, you’ll also be able to spot the jumper you thought you’d lost without sifting through countless bags.

Look out for those eight-legged creepy crawlies

When spider season hits, you’ll know about it. Suddenly there’s an influx of spiders everywhere in your home. At Lakeland we have a couple of options to help make your home a spider-free zone.

Spider catchers are great if you have the stomach for the fight (don’t worry the extra-long handles mean you can scoop them up from a distance), whilst spider repellent works just as well. The choice really is up to you!

Whether you’re looking for moth killer spray, a spider catcher, spider repellent, moth repellent or anti-moth products, with our range of insect and moth treatments you’ll get the job done. And there’ll be no need to call pest control!