How to get rid of Moths

Once the dreaded clothes moths have moved into your home, it’s almost impossible to get rid of them, and that’s where our Moth Stop range comes in. Tried, tested and here to make moth prevention easy, it’s also scientifically proven to kill both clothes moths and carpet moths and – more importantly – their eggs and garment-munching larvae.

First, use our Moth Trap or Carpet Moth Trap to find out if you have a moth infestation. These traps release pheromones to attract adult moths and then trap them on the sticky pad, alerting you to their presence. Make sure you position the carpet moth trap low down near the skirting board or on the carpet for best moth-detecting results. Act now, because by the time you find tell-tale holes in your favourites clothes or upholstery, it could be too late!

Found moths? Then it’s time to get rid of them – we have moth repellents for placing inside your wardrobes and drawers, and carpets and other fabrics. Effective against adult moths, their eggs and larvae, each moth-killing treatment offers long-lasting protection against further infestation, while the pleasant lavender fragrance keeps your garments and home smelling fresh. And they’re so simple to use – our carpet moth treatment, for instance, consists of merely spraying the carpet in question.

For more information on how to get rid of moths for good and how to protect your favourite jumper from those pesky intruders, visit our blog.