Steam Cleaners

When it comes to functional floor care, steam mops are quicker, easier and much more effective than your bog-standard mop and bucket, achieving immaculate floors with minimal effort, in no time at all. Steam cleaning sanitises floors and surfaces naturally, killing germs and bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions. And you can say goodbye to carrying that big sloshing bucket around with you, too – steam mops are equipped with built-in water tanks to make cleaning your floors as manageable and labour-free as possible.

And it isn't just mops that feature in our steam cleaning range. You'll find carpet steam cleaners and handheld surface cleaners, with a variety of versatile settings, attachments and replacement pads to tackle just about every inch of the house. So whether you want fluffy carpets, a glimmering grill, or a shimmering shower, we've got you covered.