Mattress Protectors & Heated Textiles

On a freezing wintery night, or even a nippy one in the middle of British summer, there’s nothing like having a toasty, preheated bed waiting for you. A warm bed relaxes your body and eases you into sleep better than anything. And whilst the wind howls and the rain drives outside on a cold evening, what better way is there to snuggle up on the sofa than under a heated blanket or throw?

Whether in bed, on the couch, or in your favourite comfy chair, we can help keep you warm and cosy with our range of high-quality electric blankets and heated throws. At Lakeland, you’ll find a great selection of heated blankets, throws and even heated ponchos. You can rely on all our products to heat you safely and without breaking the bank.

Electric blankets for blissful sleep

Heated blankets are the perfect way to transform freezing covers and sheets into a warm and welcoming bed.

Our buyers have tested and selected a great collection of heated blankets to suit your needs. They’re available in all bed sizes, from single to king size electric blankets. You’ll find models with variable temperature controls and with overheat protection and auto shut-off for peace of mind when you sleep.

The Dual Control Dreamland Electric Blanket even has two heated sections with individual controls if you and your partner want to select different temperatures. Made from machine washable materials, our electric blankets are easy to keep clean too.

We’re often asked, “can you keep an electric blanket on all night?”. The answer is yes. If you make sure you buy one with a handy overnight setting, in the depths of winter you can keep your heated blanket on all night long.

Heated Mattress Protectors

Getting into a cold bed when all you want to do is warm up and settle down for the night isn’t fun. And no matter how long you have the heating on before you go up to bed, you just can’t seem to get the bed cosy and warm. Sounds like all you need is a heated mattress protector. Simply pop one onto your bed and turn it on five minutes before bedtime and you can say goodbye to cold sheets and piles of blankets forever.

Coming in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from single size all the way up to king size, we’ve got a heated mattress protector to suit every bed. With temperature controls to customise the heat level, auto shut-off so you don’t have to remember to turn it off and an elasticated skirt to fit to your mattress and hold firmly in place, it’s a no-brainer really. And costing pennies to run, it’s an economical alternative to using the central heating just to warm the bed up.

Heated throws for the ultimate sofa experience

When the evenings draw in, most of us feel like hibernating with comfort food, good TV and warmth. We certainly do. So, on cold evenings, put on a favourite film, heat up a mug of hot chocolate and transform your relaxation time by snuggling up under a heated throw. Perfect for the sofa or armchair, these plug-in over-blankets are a revelation on cold evenings.

To get even cosier, consider a heated poncho or a wearable heated throw. You can stay warm and snug even when you nip from the sofa to the kitchen for another mug of hot chocolate.

From super-king size electric blankets and Dreamland heated throws to heated ponchos, our selection of high-quality and reliable heated blankets and throws can you warm in bed and on the sofa no matter how bad the weather outside.