2-in-1 Trolley Tote Set

2-in-1 Trolley Tote Set

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Lakeland Canvas Shopping Tote Bag

Lakeland Canvas Shopping Tote Bag

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Extra-Large Folding Outdoor Luxury Wagon

Extra-Large Folding Outdoor Luxury Wagon

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Shopping Bags and Trolley Bags

Gone are the days when we slung our shopping into plastic bags without giving them a second thought. Today, most of us rarely, if ever, use plastic shopping bags. Instead, we bring our own ‘bags for life’ and other alternatives, like trolley bags.

Reusable bags and trolley shopping bags aren’t just good for the environment. You can also put reusable shopping bags to a wide range of uses, from storing items around your home to ferrying your packed lunch to and from work or carrying a wet towel and swimming gear home from the pool. They’re ideal for shopping, but also for day trips, holidays, storing kids’ toys, even doubling as a handbag at a pinch. Shopping trolley bags are super convenient, they make transporting heavy loads a doddle and they can look great too.

If you’re looking for reliable, long-lasting, reusable shopping bags and trolley bags you can put to multiple uses, you’ll find them at Lakeland. Our range covers foldable bags for life, durable tote bags, trolley shopping bags, reusable food bags and more.

Always be prepared with a foldable, waterproof shopping bag

You’ll be ready for all eventualities with one of our waterproof, foldable shopping bags. Although our bags are generous in size, holding up to 16 litres of shopping, they’re lightweight and fold up small into a drawstring pouch, making them easy to slip into handbags or pockets.

Our foldable, reusable bags are durable and waterproof as well, meaning they’re ideal for carrying potentially leaky shopping, but also anything from wet clothes to gardening gear. And they’re even machine washable too, so no matter how mucky they get, they’re easy to restore to pristine condition.

Expandable tote bags, the perfect shopping bags for trolleys

For extra durability and versatility, take a look at our expandable tote bag. Made from tough PVC-coated polyester, they hold their shape and stand up by themselves, making them easy to pack at checkouts and self-service machines. Even better, they are height adjustable, with each bag able to double in depth. Designed to fit into both deep and shallow shopping trolleys too, they’re especially good for supermarket shopping.

Reusable bags for food storage

Reusable bags are fantastic for bringing your food home in, but they’re also a great way to store food when you get back to your house. As well as being a way to hold loose items, the porous materials many reusable bags are made from make them ideal for fruit and veg, as they don’t trap moisture like plastic bags can. They also discourage mould from growing.

With that in mind, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve developed a selection of Reusable Net Fruit and Vegetable Bags and Cotton Net Food Produce Bags. Take them to the supermarket or farmers market, and use them instead of the single-use plastic bags often used to buy fruit and veg. You can then store your produce in them at home to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for longer.

Our range of high-quality, reusable shopping bags and trolley bags are ideal for shopping and so much more. Whether you’re looking for shopping trolley bags, tote bags, foldable bags for life, or bags for loose food, you’ll find them all at Lakeland.

Whilst you’re browsing our range of reusable bags and trolly shopping bags, take a look at our selection of eco-friendly products, lunchboxes and containers, and food storage solutions.