Advanced Safety Moisture Absorber Refill

Advanced Safety Moisture Absorber Refill

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Dehumidifiers & air purifiers

Air that’s too warm and moist - or humid - encourages bacteria and bugs to grow. Dust mites and mould are common in humid environments, and they can be particularly problematic if you have allergies or asthma. Dehumidifiers and air purifiers can be used to make the air in our homes healthier, and the good news is that we’ve got a wide range of them right here at Lakeland.

What exactly does a dehumidier do? Well, it helps remove excess moisture from the air. Humid air can trap pollutants and allergens, and nobody wants to inhale dust, pollen and mould. Dehumidifiers are designed to help you breathe easy, and some models even have added features to filter out bad smells and smoke.

A healthier home

We all want our homes to be clean and safe for our families but beyond regular cleaning and occasional deep cleaning, how else can we make our homes healthier? Air purifiers are designed especially to clean and filter the air around us, with some models from top brands like Beurer able to catch 99.5% of particles like dust and pet hair with an effective three-layer filter.

Beurer’s different filter layers target different allergens, including bacteria, pollen and viruses, and there’s even a UV-C light on some models for extra germ-killing capabilities. Air purifiers are particularly helpful for people with allergies, filtering the air indoors of common allergens to give you a bit of breathing space.

Clean living

Humid air helps the bacteria that produce mould thrive, which is bad news for your décor. Excess moisture in the air causes condensation, which provides just the right damp environment for mould to develop. You might find that you wallpaper starts peeling or patches of damp appear on the walls or around the windows, which means mould often won’t be far behind. Cue lots of cleaning and even redecorating, depending on whether the mould can be tackled swiftly.

A simple moisture trap can prevent the problem from ever beginning, absorbing moisture in the air and safeguarding your surroundings from condensation, damp and mould. Filled with calcium chloride crystals, damp traps are compact and cost-effective, working for months at a time to keep bacteria at bay. We’ve got plenty to choose from, along with hygrometers to help you keep track of your home’s humidity.

Odour eaters

Air purifiers don’t just remove allergens and bacteria from the air; they can help oust bad odours, too. Smells like damp dog and fried food tend to linger for longer than we’d like, but it’s nothing a quality air purifier can’t put right. Some of the best models have a carbon filter layer, which traps odour particles and ensures that unwanted whiffs are short-lived (try one of our deodorising candles too, for good measure).

You’ll also find fragranced damp traps in our range of air purifying products, along with odour absorbing gels - a type of air freshener that neutralises odour molecules rather than masking them. They’re great for combatting cooking smells, damp, whiffy pets and tobacco smoke, replacing the odours with far more pleasant botanical and fresh cotton aromas - we’ve even got matching air and fabric odour neutralising sprays in our home products range.