10 Chef's Tealights

10 Chef's Tealights

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Home and Outdoor Candles

Is there a better way to update your home, inject some beautiful fragrance and elevate your interiors than with the perfect selection of candles? A candle can improve your mood, calm and relax and create a stunning ambience. And now at Lakeland, you can find the best home candles for the job. Pair your candle selection with any of our home air purifiers and create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere that you’ll simply love coming home to.

Choose your scent

Our range includes a wide selection of scents and fragrances to allow you to find your perfect match. From bright and fresh lemongrass to our speciality odour-absorbing cotton fresh scent available in an incredible gel, you’ll find a fragrance that pairs with your home beautifully.

Types of candles

From tiny tea lights to larger hurricane candles that work as garden or outdoor candles, you can buy plenty of different candles that fit with your space. Smaller candles are great for bedrooms and bathrooms while kitchen candles and outdoor candles can be beautiful when you go for larger styles.

But if you’re not sure about burning kitchen candles, there are plenty of options to add some scent to the room without one. From anything from our stunning scent mists to our Ozmo bin deodorisers, find a great way to help shift old food smells and fill your kitchen with a gorgeous fragrance that promises to last.

Benefits of burning home candles

While beautiful home candles look amazing in any room, there are also some known benefits to burning them. Without the need for much additional lighting, the right set of candles in a room can create a stunning ambience, perfect for a dinner party, date night or just a relaxing evening at home.

Burning candles is also known to calm and relax the mind, helping you to get into a more peaceful mindset at the end of a long day. Candles are also thought to help improve sleep, so try adding a beautifully fragranced candle to your bedroom décor and burning for 30 mins before you fall asleep. Just remember to blow it out before you nod off! You can find more ways to update your home in our wellbeing collection.

Tips for burning candles

Getting the best out of your candle comes down to a few simple tips. The first time you light a new candle, burn it until the wax has liquefied from edge to edge of the glass or jar to ensure you don’t get wax build up around the edges. After your first burn, remember to light your candle for only four hours at a time and to trim the wicks before relighting the next time. Lastly, extinguish your candles using a wick dipper instead of blowing to stop the wicks from becoming brittle and broken.

Discover a wide selection of candles, including outdoor candles, at Lakeland and find the perfect scent to complement your home. We think it’s the best place to shop for candles online – you’ll even find brands like Robert Welch and SPAAS in the collection.