Vacuum Storage Bags: Save Space, Store More

A clever solution to the problem of storing away bulky bedding like duvets, pillows and blankets, or finding a home to store winter jumpers, sweaters and pullovers while they're packed away during the warmer weather. Vacuum storage bags create so much more space and vacuum packing couldn’t be easier. Simply suck out air using your vacuum and the bag will compress the contents down to a more manageable size.

Made with industrial-strength material that will not tear, vacuum bags for clothes or duvets lock out moisture, moths, dust and odour so not only do they free up space and increase your storage options, they also protect seasonal bedding and clothing. Being see-through, it's easy to identify the contents at a glance and, no matter what's been reduced down, it'll spring back to its original shape as soon as it's removed. Making more of your storage space is so easy - once you try vacuum storage!