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Clearview Protective Clothes & Duvet Zip Storage Bag - 52L

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6 Clear Zip-Up Garment Bags

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Rotho Lattice Effect Storage Basket Medium - Slate Grey

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Bamboo Lint Roller – 60 Sticky Sheets

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Clothes and Shoe Storage

Everyone has heard phrases about clean and tidy homes being the key to organisation and happiness and one key part of home organisation is clothes and shoe storage. These items are used on a regular basis and can start to encroach in hallways and bedrooms.

One of the easiest shoe storage solutions is in shoe storage boxes that can slot under the bed or fit neatly into the bottom of wardrobes. Choosing a shoe storage box with a drop front makes access easy so you don’t end up with shoe boxes strewn around the room. Another option, ideal for hallways is a shoe storage rack, with extendable racks being a popular choice, however if space is at a premium over door shoe storage may be the most practical solution.

Once your shoes are tidy the next consideration is clothes storage. For seasonal clothes why not choose vacuum storage bags – they compact heavy clothes, duvets and other bulky items so you can fit them neatly into cupboards or under the bed. If vacuum storage for the next season isn’t required, then perhaps clothes covers are more appropriate. They will help keep special items dust and moth free and are ideal as garment bags if you're travelling. Finish your wardrobe organisation with quality, non-slip perhaps clothes hangers and you will find getting ready each morning far less of a chore.